Read and Write

read-writeOne thing important for us especially for student is reading and writing. Every day we face text, and sometimes I feel that my life is lies text. Several years ago, I joined the Indonesian Language class taught by Mr. Hernowo. Every meeting he always teaches us about the way to enjoy reading and writing, and when the class over, he always gives us assignments; the assignments are easy, we just have to read an article and after that we have to write what we read according to our appreciation. For the first time it was really difficult for some people.

Why it feels difficult? I will give you an illustration; if we want to give something for our friends or others, but we do not have anything, what will you give to them? Absolutely we will not give anything because we do not have anything.  Like writing, if we write, we have to give some words too for our text, but if we do not have any words, how could we write? Okay, we could write, but it is so difficult to do, because we are too poor to arrange words, and what I mean construction in writing is vocabularies; we have so many vocabularies, somehow we start to write we will never be confused to think what we have to give for our text because we have already unlimited vocabularies in our mind.

The simple way to get unlimited vocabularies is just reading. The more we read the more we get vocabularies, because our memory will save anything what we read. After reading, do not worry if we want to write because we have been ready to share something; eventually, I suggest you all if you want to write, no matter what it­­­ is, such as paper, journal, story, history, novel or just a beautiful diary, do not forget to read previously.


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